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Become A Significant Leader

Are you a leader who wants to take your leadership to the next level? If so…then you need to come to a FREE leadership summit I will be hosting at Family Harvest Church on March 28-29, 2014. (You can register … Continue reading

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The Power Of Mentorship

Who Is Mentoring You? One Of The Surest Ways To Predict A Person’s Future Is To Identify At Who’s Table Do They Sit… I Cannot Change Your Life Until I Change The Counsel You Embrace… The Power Of Mentorship Cannot … Continue reading

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Is Honesty Really That Important?

Never Present On The Outside What You Do Not Live On The Inside

Webster’s defines honesty as honorable in principles, intentions and actions; sincere; frank; truthful. Honesty is the willingness to reveal your true motives. Honesty is similar to transparency, meaning full disclosure.

Honesty is a responsibility to yourself and to others. The foundation of your character cannot withstand the cracks of dishonesty. Every time you allow yourself to Continue reading

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Why Our Society Is In Trouble

The greatest need in society is character. Many individuals have built their lives on a foundation of compromise and mediocrity – only to discover their character cannot withstand the mounting pressures of life. Without strong character everything you achieved will crumble and fall. Continue reading

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Where Has Trust Gone?

We live in a day and age when “trust” is only used when trusting in oneself. I remember just 40 years ago, when business deals were done over a handshake – no papers were signed, no contracts were necessary. Just … Continue reading

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How Do You Achieve Ethical Leadership?

With leadership comes a great responsibility to uphold a standard of integrity regardless of the cost. All too often we see leaders compromise their lifelong forged ethics just to gain the ever fleeting reward of “momentarily getting ahead.” This lack … Continue reading

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It’s Time To Take Responsibility

Do you remember, from American history, the lovely wooden plaque that was engraved with these sobering words, “The Buck Stops Here”? Harry Truman’s presidency resonated with personal responsibility, as he endured wide criticism for countless post-war difficulties. Though bearing the brunt of many false accusations, his presidential motto, “The Buck Stops Here,” signified that he passed blame onto no one. If the nation was to succeed, it was his duty to create success; if it was to fail, the fault rested fully upon him. Perhaps we should begin to think more like our former president and declare, “If anything in my life is going to change, it begins with me.” Continue reading

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